Rug Cleaning Plano TX

We have been making Plano residents homes cleaner, healthier and more comfortable for years now. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturers guidelines enable us to recommend the best maintenance and restoration treatments for your home and belongings.


To provide the highest-quality care, our fully trained crews use all environmentally friendly, organic supplies to guarantee the safety of your family while ensuring your home is completely fresh and odor free. Our powerful, portable hot-water jet extraction machines tackles even the toughest dirt and stains, making your home look like new again.


Our friendly, professional staff has flexible working hours - even on Sundays - to match your busy lifestyle. From every place or location in the Plano area, you can call us and get the services you need!


We can help you reclaim those rooms you have been avoiding by restoring the feeling of clean, lush carpeting under your toes. We understand that carpeting is a major home purchase that provides instant warmth and comfort. That's why our services are geared toward extending the life of your carpet while keeping it feeling and looking luxurious.


Our team applies tender loving care to your furniture, so you can come home and relax in a cleaner, healthier environment. We understand that your furnishings are one of your biggest investments, so our powerful cleaning system is designed to restore and maintain that brand-new look and feel—whether your furniture consists of family heirlooms, the latest trends, or thrift-store finds.


Our friendly and professional crews are highly trained in manufacturers recommendations and warranty requirements, covering almost all fabric types—including silks, synthetic blends, cottons, velvets, as well as leather and suede.


No matter how often you wipe or mop your marble and tile, normal use will cause it to dull over time, making your home look tired and worn. We take pride in making kitchens and baths look brand-new again by restoring the sparkle to your tile countertops, walls, and floors.


We use powerful, yet environmentally safe, non-toxic cleansers specially designed to deeply clean and disinfect tile and grout along with a high-pressure, hot water rinse and a fully enclosed vacuum system to renew the shine to showers and tubs, floors, countertops, and more.