Upholstery Cleaning Plano TX

With us, you can always count on our service to be professional & complete. When we clean your couch, love seat, chairs etc., there is no question that we will clean the whole couch. Seat & back cushions, as well as loose back pillows are always cleaned on both sides.


Our cleaning method is low moisture & will safely dry within a few hours. In many cases your furniture will be dry before we even leave your home. We have always delighted our customer beyond their expectations.


DuPont commercially produced the first polyester yarn. If you're part of the baby boomer generation, the mere mention of polyester takes you back to the wonder years of bad fashion. Do you remember Saturday Night Fever? Polyester was the hit of the disco fashion trend. Polyester has been reinvented and is back at the top of the fashion scene. Polyester, in its new hip form, is Microfiber.


By using our high powered steam cleaning technique, your carpet and upholstery will be cleaned thoroughly and effectively. Our cleaning machine applies high pressure and water temperature into the fibers and is then picked up by our high suction vacuum thus leaving your carpet and upholstery fresh and clean without any chemical residue.


We use only the best formulated cleaning agents to prepare all surfaces for maximum soil suspension. These special cleaning agents will remove all harmful elements that will ruin your carpet and upholsteries appearance, texture and color.


DuPont Teflon treatments have been scientifically proven to maintain the beauty and endurance of all materials. The treatment will protect your carpets and upholstery from soil and stains.


Not only do we thoroughly clean household carpets, remove stains and protect your carpets, we will carefully groom your carpets appearance making the fabrics look and feel fresh and soft again.